Installing a Renogy 200W Solar Kit on my RV

Check out the full blog post here for product links – In this video I explain how I installed a Renogy 200 watt RV Solar Kit…

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    Installing a Renogy 200W Solar Kit in the RV – Well Love Your RV! is
    finally getting some solar! This Christmas, Santa (my lovely wife) sent me
    a special package from Amazon containing a brand new Renogy 200W Solar Kit.
    Woot! This is a starter kit and will get our feet wet in the solar power
    thing and hopefully help wean us off our Champion generator. – #RV #Solar?

  2. Hello. Just wondering how the solar panels are holding up. I purchased a
    300W Renogy Kit with the 40W MPPT controller. Mounting the panels with
    those screws they send don’t look like a great idea to me. After
    researching different ways to mount them to my rubber roofed Class C I
    decided to use SnapToggel anchors. I haven’t installed them yet but hope to
    get started this week. By the way… How many and what kind of batteries do
    you have. I upgraded mine to two Trojan T-105s last year. I’m thinking I
    may need two more. ?

  3. Do you take them inside when you are on the road in between stops or are
    they left on top ? How do they react to the wind and grime on the road trip

  4. hello, great video, you convinced me im ordering today. will you please
    elaborate on the 3volt protector thing (fuse?) you attached. why you need
    it, what it does and where do I get one. thanks!! Also, I have two
    batteries, if I get another can I attach it to the panels as well.?

  5. Looks like a great set up. I have had a 100 watt Renogy panel since summer
    of 2014 and it has been working great. Soon I will be getting another
    battery since I only have 1 right now.?

  6. Fantastic job, the only thing I would have done different is run a lap seal
    over the edge of the eternabond tape to lock it down and prevent any future
    water penetration. To give you an idea on what you are missing on your
    solar charge with having them in a lay down configuration. I was checking
    my panels yesterday about 10 am and was getting 12.4 amps from the exact
    panels that you have. That’s tilted at about a 45 degree angle and at
    4,000 ft. elevation and 36 degrees. That’s the best output I’ve ever
    seen. The sweet spot with these panels I’ve found is in the 4,000-7,000
    ft. elevation at a temp. below 50 degrees. I track the output daily on my
    panels and average just over 5 amps output per panel. I use my 4 panels
    in a portable configuration. With the sun so low on the horizon now I have
    to reclock the panels 3-4 times a day for max. efficiency, but average at
    least 10-11 amps from 9am-3 PM with 2 panels. If you decide to add 2 more
    panels in the future, consider adding a tilt function it will improve your
    charge rate by at least 30-40% in the winter when you really need it.

    Also, for anyone considering the Renogy panels for $20 more you can add
    the digital charge controller in place of the basic one. Call Renogy.
    Renogy panels are made in the USA and the customer service is based out of
    Austin TX. I’ve been very happy with my 4 panels and they provide 90% of
    my power needs the past 12 months. Sign up for their e-mail promotions and
    every month or two they have a 10-20% off sale. Their regular price has
    been about $145 per panel. You can buy a 100 watt panel, 30 amp charge
    controller and 2 connector kit for about $165 on Amazon with free shipping.

    Did you get any snow?……I left the high desert yesterday and camping
    on the Colo. River S of Bullhead City Az. I had about 2 hours of heavy
    snow with the ground white, but didn’t last long. All the roads climbing up
    out of the valley were shut down from accidents and spin outs for much of
    the day. I saw on the National News some areas of S. Calif. had a good
    dump of snow. Searchlight NV where I was camped yesterday had blizzard
    conditions and several semi’s and 5th wheels were turned over on their
    sides. I got out of there just in time!……32 right now, so this is
    about as cold as it ever gets around here. Hope you are someplace warmer.
    I’m heading to the Salton Sea this week, so back to the low 70’s if the
    weather forecast holds. Happy New Year.?

  7. Hello Ray and Ann. I wanted to tell You how much I appreciate all the great
    info! I have been following Your vidios for around a yr. And have leaned
    alot. I am looking at the same solar kit that You installed, and wondered
    how it was working for You? Also a quick note on the charge controller.
    From the revews I read it should be upgraded to a 40amp if You do add two
    more panels. Thanks again Steve?

  8. Nice job Ray. That should save you some gas and generator hassle this
    winter. I love the recycled multimeter idea. I’ve got a couple old ones
    laying around and might try that. Have you given any thought to installing
    a cutoff switch between your solar array and charge controller? I’ve found
    it to be a very handy way to switch off incoming power for maintenance or
    other reasons. Happy New Year!?

  9. I would like to know if the Solar System that you just installed is a stand
    alone system or is it part of the RV wiring system, is it connected to your
    RV’s converter? Where did you locate your Inverter??

  10. Happy new year Ray… as always lovely videos

    So you drilled hole next to vent and fished the wiring next to vent stack?
    So you are really inside a wall? ?

  11. Shouldn’t your amp meter be wired in between the charge controller and the
    batteries, not between the panels and controller??

  12. Great video and great job on the install. Looks like you’ve got a good
    system there. We do solar and wind on the sailboat, but what we found is
    that you can never have enough solar.?

  13. I’m doing the same install today!! Will that e tape be hard to get off the
    wires if need be??

  14. Hi there: Did you have to screw the solar panels into structure on the roof
    to keep the panels really secure? If so, how did you find the structure to
    screw too?

  15. Very nice. I had 450 watt’s worth of panels put on my 5’er late last year.
    Went on one trip to test them out. I have (4) 6V batteries running in
    series parallel, and it seems like I use quite a bit of power during the
    day, but it recharges pretty well. Will be interested to get a few more
    boondocking trips under my belt. Also would like to record the morning and
    night battery voltages.?

  16. Another great video! So how did you get the TV, laptop, and heating system
    to all run off of battery power? Did you need inverters??

  17. I love your videos! Totally agree with John Bruce very nice and informative
    install. Thanks for sharing.?

  18. Enjoy watching your videos Ray. Thank you and Happy New Year. I installed
    the same setup with an upgraded MPPT controller. It is supposed to make a
    significant difference – time will tell. Thanks again. ?

  19. So are there any issues when you want to “hook up” to 120/220 at a serviced
    site? Will plugging the trailer into an AC source damage the charge

  20. This is the best RV Solar DIY video I have seen. (And I have viewed many.)
    Showing how to finish it all off neatly on the roof and in the vehicle was
    a great presentation.?

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