Solar Panel Power DIY Training for PV PHOTOVOLTAIC Harbor freight Free ENERGY KITS

DIY solar power from solar panels is easy to learn with this Harbor Freight DIY solar panel system is a great off grid project for anyone interested in a do it yourself solar potion. http://www.gre…

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  1. Personally I had the Harbor Freight kit and I loved it. I powered my shed
    off of three 8AH 12V batteries and a 400 watt harbor freight inverter.

    With that said… here are some points to ponder.

    Assuming you get the HF Kit at 149.99 w/ coupon you are looking at paying
    about $3.33 per watt. But lets say we knock off 15 bucks for the two CFL
    lights and you get the kit for 139.99 on black friday (124.99). You’re
    still paying $2.77 per watt.
    90 day warranty.

    Renogy sells a 50 watt panel with a charge controller and mounting
    brackets. The poly kit is 104.99 and the mono kit is 109.99. That equates
    to $2.10 to $2.20 per watt. Smaller panel. Better power output compared
    to amorphous cells. 5 year workmanship warranty and a 25 year power output
    warranty. Free Shipping as well.

    All that said. I am a harbor freight advocate. I think their tools and
    products are pretty good quality for the price. Granted these are not
    professional grade tools, but they are great for home use. I have a vast
    collection of small HF LED flashlights and black handled screw drivers 😀
    I think this is a great little starter kit to get into solar. I just
    think that if people out there are looking to try some solar. Go get a
    Renogy 50 watt panel, a harbor freight Inverter, and find a local battery
    store and get a 12V 35AH battery. It’s a little cheaper and better quality
    setup to get your feet wet.

    Just trying to save someone 20-30 bucks :)?

  2. I have a 2000 watt Samlex inverter, MorningStar TriStar TS-45 Solar Panel
    CHARGER / POWER SUPPLY and one 250 amp deep cycle battery. Plus one 100
    watt poly solar panel. Just putting together a purchase list on what i may
    need for my first solar panel kit system. I’m i going in the right
    direction or should i increase something or add something. I’ve notice with
    my study that the battery power is more important then alot of panels. Is
    that true? This is going to be set up in my apartment in case of an
    emergency. ?

  3. I have thought of getting this for a while. Now I will.
    On a partly cloudy day, would it help output if you hit it with a
    reflection of the sun
    from a mirror, or could this over charge the panels?
    Thank you and I love your videos.?

  4. You can build your own Solar Panels, saving $1,000’s off of retail price

  5. Happy new years to u and ur assistant!! i have a question? I have a 12 volt
    195 watt solar panel and a xantrex c60 charge controller, so far its
    working great charging my 12 volt battery bank. i was given a 230 watt
    solar panel 24 volt. i was wondering if i can connect the 2 panels together
    and still charge my 12 volt battery bank without damaging my c60 xantrex
    charge controller? plz help me with any advice !! thanks in advance…?

  6. 24v DC to 120v AC converion for my solar power system, how do i do that
    cheaply and efficiently? do i use a transformer/converter, if so, any
    tutorials how??

  7. Help!! Please, can someone respond? I want to set up a small solar panel
    system to power a small 135w fridge, how many panels and batteries would I
    need? And what kind of charge controller and inverter? It would run only
    during daytime?

  8. Harbor Freight Amorphous solar kit is more for weekend / week away camping
    than for a permanent year round system.
    The big let down to the kit is the Amorphous Cell
    Requires too much light + losses efficiency the hotter it gets + the
    working life efficiency loss per year is too steep per year
    They are also bad in cold weather (winter time you must protect them – take
    them inside)

    Per Square meter they have the WORST Watt Output
    (Compared to Polycrystalline + Monocrystalline + Pure Black Monocrystalline
    + Next Gen Stuff)
    and with a MPPT + the costs of 48V 250W Monocrystalline PV dropping you can
    do better than Amorphous
    (wait till you see the next gen stuff its 3KW per panal the size of a 48V
    250W Monocrystalline pv – even the new gen commercial PV are approaching
    the 1 MegaWatt output – and even higher hopes for 3D Cell & PV Chip tech)

    Harbor Freight Amorphous solar kit I will give it a small ammont of credit
    It is for new to solar users and simple to setup but keep in mind
    Don’t stick to it for too long and try to upgrade to the bigger Watt kits
    even is by Peace by Peace and save and buy as you can?

  9. BeliSmart- Solar Charge Controllers,mppt solar controller,solar regulators
    for Retail,Wholesale

  10. That’s only going to happen with a cheap, non-professional inverter and a
    system that’s not engineered. You have to use a legitimate UL 1741
    compliant system that’s safe in your home and with your appliances.

  11. @VAspeed3 and what do you think we would be paying for electricity in 25
    years? I say with inflation, they should pay for themselves in far less.
    Greetings from sunny Jamaica.

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