Solar Panel Kit LCD Charge Controller Install Overview in RV CamperVan

This video is of my Solar Panel Kit installation/overview. I show panel install and wiring and lcd charge controller. This is a Windy Nation kit. It comes with LCD charge controller, 2X 100…

20 thoughts on “Solar Panel Kit LCD Charge Controller Install Overview in RV CamperVan”

  1. And what is the purpose of the solar panel on/off switch? If you have an
    automatic transfer switch and a battery on/off switch, would it really be
    necessary? Another good video.?

  2. Why did you go with the positive connections for the solar panel on/off
    switch? Couldn’t you have use the negative lines for that switch??

  3. Nice job good video you made it look simple so many other people do videos
    about solar and really make it look harder then it is you did great?

  4. Man u are a genius ! Point blank! u gotta be an electrican to be able to
    know all this and set it up. U have explained solar better then ne other
    guy ive seen on utube! im not going to do nething with my solar unless it
    goes thru u! Do u got the batt bank hooked up to engine alternator so u can
    charge em while u driving! Im still mind screwed on the converter, too much
    info………………whewwwww, man u are great! i wish u could come to
    arkansas and set up my solar, i also want a fantastic fan! my rig came with
    a gen 2800 gas onan, i aint getting rid of it, i need AC n batt n solar
    wont do the job! ?

  5. Same charge controller I have except mine is the black plastic and yellow
    buttons. I got the 80A unit to under run it to get more longevity out of
    it. Well that’s what I hope. Also I plan to get Li on Batteries so no need
    for MPPT controller.?

  6. A nice clean install, good video! Do you have a wind screen? your outside
    shots were a little noisy. William?

  7. Good job man.

    You really don’t need a fuse on solar panels, especially with only two.
    They can’t go critical and are already diode protected from reverse
    voltage. You could have a turn-off switch though if you want to cut the
    output to your charge controller which you already have installed.?

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