20 thoughts on “Solar Panel Installation Video – REC Solar”

  1. If I were REC I’d pull this video ASAP. No flashing under the lag screws
    mounting the L brackets? Should have trimmed trim the rails between the
    ‘gap-tooth’ of the top row missing panel, plus the OSHA violations as
    mentioned below.

    To adwdragon: No matter how much you don’t like PEs, they are REQUIRED to
    review and stamp the structural and electrical drawings so the homeowner
    can get a building permit. Without a PE stamp, no building permit.
    Without a permit, there can be no installation, utility integration and
    system commissioning. So you are not going to get around PE review
    somewhere in the process for a grid integrated system.?

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  3. Guess it would be a good idea to have your shingles replaced if they need
    it before installing this system, also how much hail damage can these
    panels take?

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  5. an engineer can reall screw yur budget and they dont have to service it one
    installed figure this in! as a tech and I repair things engineers design I
    want to beat these assholes frequently!..Looks good on paper looks good
    period-servicing them can be a bitcxh!

  6. Wrong on the OSHA not requiring solar installers to wear fall protection.
    ANY work performed where a worker can fall 6 or more feet requires fall
    protection equipment, period. Industry makes no difference. Furthermore,
    the OSHA has NEVER had rules for fall protection use that are based on
    pitch. Fall restraint can be used if you will never be within a certain
    number of feet from an unprotected edge, rest of the time full fall arrest
    equipment must be used.

  7. An engineer, an engineer. Are they actually engineers or technicians. Only
    licensed Professional Engineers can call themselves engineers.

  8. first you should see what are your inverter MPPT minimum and maximum
    voltages, now as you say your inverter is 48V input voltage, then minimum
    you need 4 number 80 watt having 12V panel, it is better alwasy you buy the
    same brand as the specification of each brand may be different than what
    you have.

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  11. Ok well this process is not exactly true… But ok, anything for a sale I
    guess. @Darrint: They can take a lot of force from hail. Most panels can
    withstand a golfball hit too. @Allamericom: Solar installers aren’t
    required by OSHA to wear any fall protection on any roof less than a 30
    degree pitch. Any more than that however, they are required. @adwdragon: U
    must be in installations like me and hate these corporate duchebags…
    Constantly having to re do their work myself. GO SOLAR

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