11 thoughts on “Build Solar Panels Yourself | How to Build Electricity Generator at Home”

  1. i am in africa Ghana to be precise and we dont get access to the power
    cells.. how do l develop my personal one.. ?

  2. You said you havn’t ordered that monitor that displays the incoming volts
    from panels and the volts in battery bank.Do you know what that is
    called?Good vid by the way..?

  3. Awesome system , I enjoy watching videos like yours as it gives me great
    ideas , I have recently posted some videos of my units in hope that it will
    also help others ?

  4. *You can build your own solar panels from home and most of the parts can be
    found from your local hardware store. If you’re interested take a look at
    these build plans*:?

  5. Hows your solar setup going,I have a question…How many volts and amps
    does that one panel put out,and secondly what will that panel alone
    run,does it have enough to power say a one room 8000btu window unit,a
    flatscreen tv,cable box,and electricity like enough to power comforts
    possibly in a motorhome or a small 2 bedroom 1 bath home? Thanks for the
    cool educational videos,do you plan on eventually trying to get off the
    grid most as possible..i’d be shooting for it.?

  6. Thank you for sharing this solar panel building tips, your videos are
    great! I learn something every time I watch it..?

  7. Learn how to build a home-made power generator like the solar panel and
    wind turbine at a shoestring budget by following the guide that shows you
    how to do that with step-by-step detail.?

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