Solar Power Installed 5 KW system

This video will show you a complete install from start to finish. Solar Power Installed 5 KW system. Rise solar is the leasing company providing the lease, Solar Ray is installing the 5 KW…

6 thoughts on “Solar Power Installed 5 KW system”

  1. I’m surprised to see that the guys could walk over the panels. I wonder
    what kind of protective glass is used in the panels.?

  2. didn’t notice any panel grounding…..mounts already on roof? what brand
    mounting system…you say that took 4 hours makes me wonder about your
    quality of work…..install for a living know what it takes to do a job..
    would like to see it all… but i guess if mounts are in and inverter
    mounted and conduit ran and wire all pulled it’s doable… not sure about
    walking on panels…?

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