How to Install a Flexible Solar Panel – DIY RV Solar

Installation of a 128W flexible UniSolar solar panel on the roof of my RV. Find these UniSolar panels on Amazon: eBay: WATCH MORE VIDEOS on RV…

25 thoughts on “How to Install a Flexible Solar Panel – DIY RV Solar”

  1. awesome project
    waiting for spring here in fairbanks alaska
    CAnt wait to get the rv out of storage and start fixing up
    your vids have inspired me

  2. here is an inexpensive rv solar panel kit
    panel kit‘);?

  3. I would have liked a little more video footage of the actual installation
    steps. I did like the video in parts.?

  4. I am so solar power illiterate but what kind of things would this panel
    power? Lights, coffee pot, TV? I have pretty much found out that my window
    AC in my camper, is not an option for solar, which sucks on a 115 degree
    Texas Summer day. What about a microwave? I have no idea which things could
    be used with solar with a few batteries and maybe 2 of the shorter panels.
    I’m not sure my little vintage camper is long enough for this panel.?

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  6. Thanks for watching. My solar setup is still a work in progress. I’m still
    learning and making changes so look for future videos on the subject.
    And…yes that is Vantage heading down towards Richland.

  7. I cant wait for your update system I saw your video 2 weeks ago and you
    hooked me. I have contemplated RV solar for years and now I am
    reintergized. I too have decided on a Morningstar TS-45 or Blue Sky xxxx,
    heavy wire, not sure if it will be MPPT or not. I mite use 24 volt panels
    but still trying to find the perfect panel or panels. Thanks for a great

  8. I’ve rewired my solar since the video and it now goes straight to the
    batteries and not under the bed. As far as the converter under the
    bed…what can I say, it came that way. Thanks for the tip.

  9. I just went and watched it. I am leaning towards that controller also it
    seems to be very respected. I am from the dry side of WA so lots of sun.
    Like your vids allot. You seem to be working on all the stuff I want to
    work on thanks.

  10. I’m not an expert, but I don’t think 80 watts is enough to fully charge
    your battery bank if it’s fully depleted. You’ll still need shore power for
    that. It should work well for maintaining a good charge if your batteries
    are not fully drained. Of course, it depends on what you’re powering.

  11. Follow Randacams page, lots of great learning on solar there. If you get an
    MPPT and you do not plan on adding more panels… buy it within the range
    you’ll experience for current. For example, I have an MPPT 30, and unless I
    attach 280 watts, it is constantly remaining in “night mode” (sleep), on
    very cloudy dark days – due to its minimum required one amp input. A waste
    of 10 watts. with 2 panels, they are always over an amp.

  12. So it has been more than a year since you put the solar panel on the rubber
    roof. Is it still secure? Are you happy with the unisolar product?

  13. Great vid…did not know there was these on the market. Look fwd to other
    vids by you. Thx

  14. Thanks for the feedback. Lesson learned. It did appear a bit iffy, but it
    seems to be charging okay. I’m considering replacing it with a BZ or Blue
    Sky brand controller as soon as I can figure out which one to buy.

  15. Thanks for the video, Solar is a great addition to RV’s and quite easy to
    do. BTW looks like the Vantage area in the travel portion of your video.
    Good Travels

  16. I was look at an 80 watt solar panel for my Rv and firgured out on a full
    sunny day it would only charge it 20 percent. Do you thin its worth it?

  17. I usually go on Google maps to plan out a trip. Sometimes I use Microsoft
    Streets and Trips. While driving in other states, I usually have a GPS to
    keep me on track. But I don’t heavily rely on the GPS. I really just like
    to know how many miles before my next turn. Nobody likes to miss a turn
    when you’re 60ft long pulling a car.

  18. Randacam is correct, He actually informed me of that, too. I didn’t believe
    him at first but then i pulled it apart and sure enough it is a little 555
    timer circuit pulsing the current through the worst excuse for a bucking
    inductor I have ever seen. On a good note, tho, considering it is fake, you
    probably wont fall into “night mode” like you constantly would have, had
    you bought a real 30A MPPT – your panel is -too small- for a real 30A. But
    it will do the trick, nonetheless.

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