Businesses making killing from UK solar panel installations (03Feb11)

With solar panels attracting large subsidies to have them installed, businesses are making a killing on their installation. The government are now thinking of introducing controls of the amount…

13 thoughts on “Businesses making killing from UK solar panel installations (03Feb11)”

  1. Could Somebody in the UK shed some “light” and updates to Americans
    watching the progress of UK solar participants? Many of us in the USA live
    in cold and cloudy states. Everybody understands that it’s dark at night,
    and that light and heat is needed….so please no moronic comments on the
    obvious. ?

  2. I bought my own panels and I use them to offset the power I draw from the
    grid. I use power-heavy appliances at peak daylight, meaning that most of
    the power comes from the panels (which produce a higher voltage). I’ve
    knocked about 2/3 off my bill and the payback looks to be about 6 years.
    Currently 2 years in 🙂

  3. Solar is rubbish. Thermal electrical systems are the future. it converts
    Temperature difference into power. if its cold outside an warm in your
    house you get power! if its hot out side an cool in your house guess what,
    you get power. If its day you get power if its night you get power. an its
    not effected by where you are on the earth As temperature difference is
    every where. an that includes on the ground and under it. a black surface
    like.. i dont know.a road will be hot an under it cold.power

  4. George Monboit does not want you to have cheap electricity, George Monboit
    is just wants to see you penniless and broke through the crime that is AGW
    and carbon taxes… The guy is a complete fool, and has some rather
    hilarious ideas about how we all should live…

  5. @gaypotter What?!!?! He’s telling the truth, government shouldn’t buy
    people solar panels. It’s just wrong to take someones money and give it to
    another person.

  6. The restrictions aren’t too bad. Only large systems above 50kW have had
    restrictions to FIT payments. Normal householders and small businesses
    won’t be constrained by this. Now is the perfect time to invest in solar
    panels before the FIT levels drop in April 2012.

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